Top 5 Benefits Of A Business Virtual Office

Business Virtual Office

Does your business have a professional corporate image?

What does your office and operation say about your business? business virtual office

As a small business owner I’m sure the thought of reserving office space has crossed your mind. You probably thought about hiring a part-time receptionist, maybe upgrading your phone system or purchasing office equipment to help legitimize your business setup and operation.

Let’s face it, a business that has its own office space, furnishings, equipment, a live receptionist answering calls, a dedicated fax line, etc. helps legitimize a business operation.

Now I know the entire costs and monthly office lease payment can be difficult for those of you just starting or running a small business but the good news is it doesn’t have to be.

An alternative solution making huge strides in today’s small business world is the use of a business virtual office.

A business virtual office offers a brilliant and affordable way for even the smallest business operation to operate a business like a major corporation.

For a flat month-to-month charge you can receive all the tools you need to run a serious business; a company phone number, a live assistant to answer incoming calls, a commercial mailing address, customized voice mail and a dedicated fax number.

It is an excellent remedy for start-ups and local business owners looking to keep operating costs low while creating a professional corporate image for their company.

It also plays a helpful role during the business credit building process as well. Rather than using a home address as the company’s business mailing address, one can use their business virtual office address instead.

Here are five additional benefits of a business virtual office:

  1. Receive a dedicated company telephone number – Select a local phone number as your business line. A recognizable area code can help your business better connect with local customers. A local number appears more trustworthy and personable for local customers compared to an unrecognizable are code.
  2. Get a professional live receptionist – Imagine having someone answer incoming calls for your company Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  3. Have a corporate mailing address – Select one of the many office locations as your company’s business mailing address to receive mail and packages.
  4. Get a dedicated business fax number – Select a local fax number as your company’s fax line.  A recognizable area code can help your business with local customers when it comes to faxing.
  5. Receive custom voice mail boxes – With multiple voice-mail boxes with individual prerecorded greetings a business can improve its communication with customers after business hours.

While there’s no shortage of companies you can find on the internet offering a business virtual office, the most budget-friendly and cost effective solution I have found is Opus Virtual Offices.

Remember, if you decide to set up a virtual office make certain that all of the details you supply on the application with Opus or any other provider you choose is the same as the details you have on your business credit reports and filings.

The great news is today you don’t have to get full time office space to show that you are a serious business. Entrepreneurs and small business owners working from home or on a budget can look and operate just like a major corporation without breaking the bank.

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